Come Concert And Dine With Us.

Good foody-treats are the theme for Cherry Pill gigs to get to this July.

-For the sweet-toothed, the Coffee and Chocolate Festival is a must, catch us at Montecasino 19-21 July.

-Sunday 29 July lunchtime (1pm) is a cosy courtyard in Parktown North, hosted by Snatch 32.

Lunch is ordered and delivered from the highly recommended Foundry restaurant around the corner.

-Arcade Empire and Railways Cafe make great pizzas which are just perfect for winter.

A feast for the sense, come concert and dine with us!

Cherry Pill Shows:

14 July Private Event

18 July 8h30pm Arcade Empire, Pretoria

19 July 6pm Coffee and Chocolate Festival, Montecasino

20 July 4pm Coffee and Chocolate Festival, Montecasino

21 July 5pm Coffee and Chocolate Festival, Montecasino

22 July Private event

28 July 8h30pm Railways Cafe, Pretoria

29 July 1pm Snatch 32 at Blo Boutique Parktown North


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