Cherry Pill Song Selected to Afrimusic Song Competition 2020

“Seasons come, seasons go, but there's one thing that I know; it's that the wheel comes around again” Do these words resonate with you? Then take a listen to our latest AfriMusic song competition entry "The Wheel Keeps Turning": This song was selected amongst a host of national entries to compete for a spot [...]

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Travelling Minstrels (Article in Safair Inflight Magazine Nov ’19)

Recently, after having returned from our tour of Germany, we were at a friend's birthday celebration and struck up a conversation with one of our fellow party-goers, a lady by the name of Lesley Stones, who we discovered has the somewhat enviable station in life of being a freelance travel journalist. She makes a living [...]

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Christmas favourites old and new.

Cherry Pill enjoy the atmosphere of a Carols evening, with kids young and old coming together to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. At the Rosebank Union Carols service this December 2017, we put together some new Christmas songs for the evening. One being an uplifting Guitar and Violin duo version of the classic O [...]

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Meet the Band

After a few weeks of rehearsals in the practice room we are pleased to introduce our band! Tshepo Monareng on keys, Thabang Malete on bass and Warren Knocker on drums. We're looking forward to some great performances together. We'll still be playing duo performances for smaller more acoustic venues.

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We've been jamming with some interesting musicians lately, which got us thinking that perhaps we should do a remix of 2 of our songs and see where it takes the music. We met up today with the skilled # Motlokoe Beatmaker and #Nefertiti Communications to get some ideas rolling. The bustling coffee shops in [...]

2016-11-04T09:11:23+01:00Sep 8th, 2015|

Next stop: France!

In February this year, we performed for a musical showcase hosted by IMEXSA (Independent Music EXporters South Africa), a body funded by the DTI whose mandate is to raise the profile of South African performing artists at international music trade events. The promoters showcase local bands to selection committees at festivals such as the [...]

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