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Travelling Minstrels (Article in Safair Inflight Magazine Nov ’19)

Recently, after having returned from our tour of Germany, we were at a friend's birthday celebration and struck up a conversation with one of our fellow party-goers, a lady by the name of Lesley Stones, who we discovered has the somewhat enviable station in life of being a freelance travel journalist. She makes a living [...]

2019-11-01T17:04:24+01:00Nov 1st, 2019|

A sneak-peak at some new song material

We've been writing some new material and at a recent performance at Kenny Gees in Rustenburg, we gave them an 'airing' . Here is just a short sample of a song titled 'The Wheel Keeps Turning' showing what is upcoming from Cherry Pill. https://www.facebook.com/cherrypillband/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARB01zjD-4Iy8K9GPhZp209JOtR5DJydoSimY3gbrNNdbAPteDyJ8XxQedPmGWN1BhSwU-XxuuH1Pz7W&hc_ref=ARS4AbPZI3K_fVDJ2I8j0QImLO52f9G5iq8T-7-vPyaDPFhz_PjashsBX7Khs0ijeks&__xts__[0]=68.ARB6XaSdDz6vBHwu4na9xl2IsxU-fXXPYYFhBi6XTJz-ICPHBrxsA-gej4EnPTO1iFJdq5Uacg5AFWnClA8FhA1FJtepBdJ8rlJMT-J4Hme5ismkI3Mruk-Us4PgjDAUpsenaSNnBkW9noFZoCjPM7p801oVlXBo0cMFQl-pieQekZEsASU63orwTzvxDNLHkNxhLkOuQmr4Bjq0DvDZoddpIT8lZ_YjUaF6uOoEwqVVp--VZIbJKxadtWS6q_hO5b30IRLXkPI3mq7DwzLj47iFfkW4wzvT49UewL1D-NbhQ1MZvFy0q-NlOSGIoIMzuYk7FAccSaN441lz_rLnppsiwEVfEBzYhSBK5_091HRtFGAURXNyLlRC2bx1upu0e4upLq1CdgSeTtc-YG6uVLVYJZJNoj7Q_O7png

2019-10-18T12:10:56+01:00Oct 18th, 2019|

Denim and Diamonds

A ladies golf day dinner perfectly teed up the green with glamour. The theme for this event was Denim and Diamonds. After a day on the course the ladies were treated to a dinner with musical entertainment by Cherry Pill. A keynote speaker from the diamond trade had the ladies hanging on every word about [...]

2019-10-14T16:32:48+01:00Oct 14th, 2019|

Heartfelt Arena Launch

Some feed back from happy audiences at a recent launch for the new Heartfelt Arena. A HUGE thank you to the team at Heartfelt Arena for giving us the opportunity to provide entertainment, laser effects as well as photographers to assist with the launch of the New Heartfelt arena. LaserX - Laser & Water Shows, Kayne Harvey, Herman Venter, Cherry Pill and Matassia [...]

2019-10-11T13:36:26+01:00Oct 11th, 2019|

Shoreline live at Ferndale on Republic

  https://youtu.be/E5t52asYmck Cherry Pill perform their song 'Shoreline' at Ferndale on Republic. Thanks to Kanada Entertainment for organising the show at the brand new Ferndale on Republic centre. There are some great restaurants, we had great service and drinks at Yasong Ferndale. Shoreline is a song about overcoming and surviving with the help of others. [...]

2019-10-02T19:16:03+01:00Oct 2nd, 2019|